Tierra del Fuego attractions

National Park in Tierra del Fuego

Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego

West of Ushuaia some 12km along RN 3, Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego was Argentina’s first coastal national park. Its 630 sq km span from the Beagle Channel to the south to beyond Lago Fagnano in the north. For in…
Museum in Tierra del Fuego

Museo Acatushún

The impressive Museo Acatushún was created by Natalie Prosser Goodall, a North American biologist who married into the extended Bridges family. Emphasizing the region’s marine mammals, the museum has inventoried tho…
Museum in Tolhuin & Lago Fagnano

Museo Histórico Kami

If you make one stop in Tolhuin, check out this museum, which is especially worthwhile for Spanish speakers. A former 1920s police post, the little house is now dedicated to regional history, starting with the Selk'…
Museum in Ushuaia

Museo Marítimo & Museo del Presidio

Convicts were transferred from Isla de los Estados to Ushuaia in 1906 to build this national prison, finished in 1920. The depressing cells, designed for 380 inmates, held up to 800 before the prison closed in 1947.…
Amusement Park in Tolhuin & Lago Fagnano

Parque Hain

The product of a creative mind that never sleeps, this offbeat playground is styled entirely from recycled materials, namely 5000 wooden pallets, tires fashioned into playforms and bottles forming decorative motifs.…
Park in Ushuaia

Parque Yatana

Part art project, part urban refuge, this city block of lenga forest is being preserved from encroaching development. The forest, whose name in Yaghan means 'weave,' is a spot for indigenous people to practice their…
Museum in Ushuaia

Museo del Fin del Mundo

Built in 1903, this former bank, close to the port, contains exhibits on Fuegian natural history, stuffed birdlife, photos of natives and early penal colonies, and replicas of moderate interest. Information is provi…
Historic Building in Ushuaia

Casa Beban

Casa Beban was built between 1911 and 1913 using materials ordered from Sweden. It sometimes hosts local art exhibits. Guided tours are offered but aren't necessary unless you're fascinated by detailed history. You …
Church in Ushuaia

Iglesia de la Merced

The century-old Iglesia de la Merced was built with convict labor. Don't make a special trip to see it, but if you pass by when strolling the main street of Av San Martín, stop in for a few minutes.
Historic Building in Ushuaia

Legislatura Provincial

The 1894 Legislatura Provincial was the governor’s official residence.