Argentine in Resistencia

No Me Olvides

Huge windows and a high-ceilinged interior make this hip corner spot feel much larger than it is. Verve and color are added by vibrant paintings, paper lampshades and arty touches. As the heroic opening hours sugges…
Argentine in Resistencia

Coco’s Resto

Stylishly occupying the front rooms of a house, this intimate, well-decorated restaurant is popular with suited diners from the nearby state parliament. A wide-ranging menu of pastas, meats soused in various sauces,…
Argentine in Resistencia

Juan Segundo

With a casually elegant chessboard-tiled interior and appealing outdoor tables in an upmarket zone of the city, Juan Segundo offers decent parrilla choices and salads, and even better fish and meat dishes with well-…
Parrilla in Roque Sáenz Peña


Convivial and welcoming, this neighborhood restaurant a few blocks north of the center is worth the stroll. Check out its huge barbecue before entering to enjoy really tasty vacío (flank steak), delicious chicken an…
Pizza in Roque Sáenz Peña

La Taberna

On the main drag, this place decked out like a classic American drinking hole serves three dozen types of very good thin-crust pizza. Avoid the outside tables which get bombarded with traffic noise.
Argentine in Resistencia

La Bianca

Busy and bustling, this long-time local favorite keeps ‘em coming for its well-priced pasta, pizza and soufflés. There’s also meat and salad dishes: it's a cheap and cheerful option.
Argentine in Juan José Castelli


Alongside the square, this spacious restaurant is set in the Club del Progreso and is the town's most reliable option although that's not saying a lot. Prices are low and value is high, with a nice line in omelets a…
Ice Cream in Roque Sáenz Peña


This busy corner place does tempting little pastries and very tasty ice cream, a godsend in Roque’s paralyzing heat. It has some unusual flavors: figs in cognac is worth a try.
Argentine in Roque Sáenz Peña

Atrium Gualok

In a town of few choices, this hotel restaurant does its best with pastas, meats and more at fair prices. Service can be desparately slow.