Museum in Alta Gracia

Museo Casa de Ernesto Che Guevara

In the 1930s, the family of youthful Ernesto Guevara moved here because a doctor recommended the dry climate for his asthma. Though Che lived in several houses – including the house in Rosario, where he was born – t…
Historic Site in Estancia Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina

One of the most beautiful of the Sierra’s Unesco World Heritage sites, the Jesuit estancia of Santa Catalina, some 20km northwest of Jesús María, is a quiet, tiny place, where the village store occupies part of the …
Museum in San Marcos Sierras

Museo Hippie

Far more interesting for the stream-of-consciousness commentary on the evolution of the hippie movement in Argentina (dating back to the Greek Philosophers) than the actual artifacts it holds, this small museum on t…
Museum in La Falda

Hotel Eden

Take a guided tour of the once-extravagant, now-decaying Hotel Eden, built in 1897, where the guest list included Albert Einstein, the duke of Savoy and several Argentine presidents. Inside the hotel is the Miniatur…
Historic Site in Jesús María

Museo Jesuítico Nacional de Jesús María

The Unesco-listed Museo Jesuítico Nacional de Jesús María has good archaeological pieces from indigenous groups throughout Argentina, informative maps of the missionary trajectory and well-restored (though dubiously…
Historic Building in Alta Gracia

Museo Histórico Nacional del Virrey Liniers

Beside the Iglesia Parroquial Nuestra Señora de la Merced is the Museo Histórico Nacional del Virrey Liniers, named after former resident Virrey Liniers, one of the last officials to occupy the post of Viceroy of th…
Cable Car in Cosquín


1260m Cerro Pan de Azúcar offers good views of the sierras and, on a clear day, the city of Córdoba. An aerosilla runs to the summit regularly in summer – check with the tourist office in the off season.
Museum in The Central Sierras

Museo Rocsen

Near the tiny town of Nono, outside of Mina Clavero, the 27,000-plus pieces on display here form probably the most eclectic collection of trash/treasure you’re ever likely to see.
Tower in Villa General Belgrano

Lookout Tower

For an overview of the town and surrounds, make your way up to the lookout tower attached to the tourist office.
Historic Site in San Marcos Sierras

El Viejo Molino

El Viejo Molino is a 17th-century flour mill that was used to grind the town’s cereals until the 1950s.