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Top Choice Argentine in Tandil

Época de Quesos

This adorably rustic landmark is an essential stop. The shop in the front sells a wide variety of local cheeses and cured meats, perfect for a picnic. It's wonderfully cozy and atmospheric at night, when candlelight…
Italian in Tandil


This restaurant does only pasta, and does it very well – it’s all homemade and deliciously fresh. Try the tallarines (fettucine) with smoked ham, asparagus and vodka cream. Discount on takeout.
Parrilla in Tandil


With a great outdoor terrace overlooking the Dique del Fuerte, this parrilla is unbeatable on a warm sunny day. Closed Sunday night outside the warm months.
Bar in Tandil

Antique Bistro

A sophisticated mood prevails at this tiny old-fashioned piano bar, where live folk and tango bands perform from 11:30pm onwards Wednesday through Sunday.
Bar in Tandil

Bar Tolomé

Dead midweek and lively on weekends (when there’s occasional live music), this relaxed bar serves pizzas and sandwiches when a beer’s not enough.
Museum in Tandil

Museo de Bellas Artes

This downtown museum has temporary exhibits of Argentine and international artists.
Museum in Tandil

Museo Tradicionalista Fuerte Independencia

This historical museum, worth a walk-through for context, exhibits a large and varied collection on Tandil’s history. Photographs commemorate major events, and the place is filled with relics – from carriages to lad…
Food in Tandil

Almacen Serrano

Sells cheese, salamis and hams from the region, as well as locally made beers and sweets.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Tandil

Talabartería Berruti

Especially good for leather, this store also stocks an assortment of mates, knives, silverwork and ponchos.
in Tandil


Breakfast on the plaza? Frawen’s is your spot: light and sunny, with heaps of sidewalk seating, this place is a great start to your day.