Pretty Tandil is a leafy, walkable, endearing city with world-class delis, public orange trees, wonderful period architecture, upstart craft breweries and nearby trails to explore. It sits at the northern edge of the Sierras de Tandil, a 2.5-million-year-old mountain range worn down to gentle, grassy peaks and rocky outcroppings – perfect for bouldering and mountain biking.

The town center is leafy and relaxed, with many places observing the afternoon siesta. Later in the evening, however, locals crowd the squares and streets, shopping and partaking in the city’s cultural offerings. Going out for picadas – wooden boards piled high with locally produced cheeses and cured meats – is a local tradition, and Tandil is known throughout Argentina for its excellent salamis.

Something else Tandil is known for? Nurturing a disproportionate number of Argentina’s tennis stars, the latest of whom is Juan Martín del Potro.