Museum in Tandil

Museo Tradicionalista Fuerte Independencia

This historical museum, worth a walk-through for context, exhibits a large and varied collection on Tandil’s history. Photographs commemorate major events, and the place is filled with relics – from carriages to lad…
Museum in Tandil

Museo de Bellas Artes

This downtown museum has temporary exhibits of Argentine and international artists.
Hill in Tandil

Cerro La Movediza

At the north edge of town, the Piedra Movediza, a 300-ton stone, teetered precariously atop Cerro La Movediza for many years before finally falling in 1912. A ‘replica’ (non-moving) stone was built in 2007; like it'…
Park in Tandil

Cerro El Centinela

For great views over Tandil and a relaxing afternoon hike, head 6km west of town to this hilltop park. There's a bakery, a restaurant with outdoor tables, and a chairlift that can whisk you further up the ridgeline …