Museum in Tandil

Museo de Bellas Artes

This downtown museum has temporary exhibits of Argentine and international artists.
Museum in Tandil

Museo Tradicionalista Fuerte Independencia

This historical museum, worth a walk-through for context, exhibits a large and varied collection on Tandil’s history. Photographs commemorate major events, and the place is filled with relics – from carriages to lad…
Park in Tandil

Cerro El Centinela

For great views over Tandil and a relaxing afternoon hike, head 6km west of town to this hilltop park. There's a bakery, a restaurant with outdoor tables, and a chairlift that can whisk you further up the ridgeline …
Hill in Tandil

Cerro La Movediza

At the north edge of town, the Piedra Movediza, a 300-ton stone, teetered precariously atop Cerro La Movediza for many years before finally falling in 1912. A ‘replica’ (non-moving) stone was built in 2007; like it'…