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Restaurante El Museo

Set in the venerable adobe Jesuit chapel 1km from the center, this place makes an atmospheric venue for a lunch of traditional local specialties, such as humitas, tamales and empanadas. Just turn up and see what's c…
Argentine in Tafí del Valle

Rancho de Félix

Rancho de Félix is an expansive and warm thatched barn that's incredibly popular for lunch. Regional specialties such as locro and humitas are served; parrilla and pasta are also on offer. The quality is reasonably …
Argentine in Tafí del Valle

Mi Abuela

An endearing corner kitchen on the main drag, it does humitas, tamales, sandwiches and chicken and beef empanadas. Grab lunch for the road!
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Flor de Sauco

This sociable and pleasant bungalow is a popular all-day spot for a coffee, a sandwich or a slice of cake. It bills itself as a teahouse, and there's quite a selection, but it's all teabags. There's a nice terrace a…
Argentine in Tafí del Valle


Martino is dressed in red (several shades), with banquette seating and a pizza menu that's popular with locals. Expect generous servings of local dishes, edible but not sensational.