Top things to do in San Luis & Around

Archaeological Site in Valle de las Sierras Puntanas

La Casa de la Piedra Pintada

At La Casa de la Piedra Pintada, more than 50 rock carvings are easily visible in the rock face. Follow the road until you reach an open meadow at the base of Cerro Sololasta and you'll see the cable-and-wood walkwa…
National Park in San Luis & Around

Parque Nacional Sierra de las Quijadas

Fans of the Road Runner cartoon will feel oddly at home among the red sandstone rock formations in this rarely visited national park. The park comprises 1500 sq km of canyons and dry lake beds among the Sierra de la…
Museum in Carolina

Museo de Poesia

One of the quirkier museums in the country, Museo de Poesia honors San Luis’ favorite son, poet Juan Crisóstomo Lafinur. The museum has a few artifacts from the poet’s life, plus handwritten homages to the man penne…
Argentine in Merlo

El Tono

Specializing in regional foods and using lots of local ingredients, this place is a good bet anytime, but Friday to Saturday nights feature live trova (folk) bands, making it even better.
Parrilla in San Luis

Los Robles

This upmarket parrilla (steak restaurant) has great atmosphere, attentive service and a menu that goes way beyond the usual offerings.
Cave in Valle de las Sierras Puntanas

Inti Huasi Cave

This wide, shallow cave, the name of which means ‘House of the Sun’ in Quechua, makes an interesting stop, as much for the gorgeous surrounding countryside as the cave itself. Radiocarbon dating suggests that the ca…
Church in San Luis

Iglesia de Santo Domingo

On the south side of Plaza Independencia, the Iglesia de Santo Domingo and its convent date from the 1930s, but reproduce the Moorish style of the 17th-century building they replaced. Take a peek at the striking alg…
Cathedral in San Luis


The center of town is the beautiful, tree-filled Plaza Pringles, anchored on its eastern side by San Luis’ handsome 19th-century cathedral. Provincial hardwoods such as algarrobo (carob tree) were used for the cathe…
Market in San Luis

Mercado Artesanal

Dominican friars at the mercado artesanal, next to Iglesia de Santo Domingo, sell gorgeous handmade wool rugs as well as ceramics, onyx crafts and weavings from elsewhere in the province.
Cafe in San Luis


A fairly standard cafe-bar-restaurant on Plaza Pringles, this one gets a mention for the sidewalk tables out on the pedestrian thoroughfare that make it a great spot for drinks, snacks and people-watching.