Winery in San Juan

Las Marianas

One of the prettiest wineries in the region, this one was built in 1922, abandoned in 1950 and reinstated in 1999. The main building is gorgeous, with thick adobe walls and a few examples of the original winemaking …
Museum in San Juan

Casa Natal de Sarmiento

Casa Natal de Sarmiento is named for Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, whose prolific writing as a politician, diplomat, educator and journalist made him a public figure within and beyond Argentina. Sarmiento’s Recuerdos …
Museum in San Juan

Museo de Vino Santiago Graffigna

Museo de Vino Santiago Graffigna is a wine museum well worth a visit. It also has a wine bar where you can taste many of San Juan’s best wines. Take bus 12A from in front of the tourist office on Sarmiento (AR$3, 15…
Winery in San Juan

Fabril Alto Verde

The Fabril Alto Verde is a big, state-of-the-art winery that sells 90% of its wine for export; tours here are in English or Spanish and come accompanied by a rather dreary promotional video. The award-winning organi…
Winery in San Juan

Viñas de Segisa

This stately old winery has a museum feel. The tour of the underground cellar complex is excellent and tastings are generous. This is one of the few wineries who actually admit to ‘chipping’ (adding oak chips to you…
Winery in San Juan

Miguel Mas

This small winery makes some of the country’s only organic sparkling wine and other wine. The whole process – apart from inserting the cork in bottles – is done by hand. Tours (in Spanish only) take you through ever…
Museum in San Juan

Museo de Ciencias Naturales

The most interesting specimen at the Museo de Ciencias Naturales is the skeleton of the dinosaur Herrerasaurus from Ischigualasto, though there are plenty of provincial minerals, fossils and other exhibits to mull o…
Viewpoint in San Juan

Lookout Tower

If you need a little perspective on things, make your way up the Lookout Tower for a sweeping view out over the town and surrounding countryside.
Christian Site in San Juan

Convento de Santo Domingo

Notable Building in San Juan

Casa de Gobierno