Top things to do

Top Choice Waterfront in Rosario


Rosario’s most attractive feature is its waterfront, where the area that was once derelict warehouses and train tracks has been reclaimed for the fun of the people. It stretches some 15km from its southern end at Pa…
Top Choice Seafood in Rosario


Backing Florida beach, this legendary place is one of Rosario's best spots for fish. The enormous indoor-outdoor dining area is redolent with the aromas of chargrilling river catch like surubí; start with some delic…
Top Choice Basque in Rosario

Zazpirak Bat

From outside, this Basque cultural center gives few clues that there's a restaurant inside, and the menu seems a little humdrum at first glance. But what a place this is. Fish and seafood are prepared to give maximu…
Top Choice Brewery in Rosario


You can smell the malt at this brewpub, where the delicious ales are produced right beneath your feet. It’s a fine place to start exploring this bar-rich nightlife zone, and it also does a handy line in quesadillas,…
Top Choice Gallery in Rosario

Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes

This gallery is worth a visit for its inventive displays of contemporary and 20th-century artworks from the MACRO collection, and its small collection of European works, which contains a couple of very fine pieces. …
Italian in Rosario

Restaurant Bruno

An elegant villa a block from Pellegrini is decorated with dark wood and tasteful gondolier prints. Well-heeled locals flock here for homemade pasta, which has a huge reputation. Go for gnocchi, lasagna or cannellon…
Bakery in Rosario


This much-loved Rosario institution – now with several more modern outlets around town – is still a seductively old-fashioned place to pick up delicious pastries and cakes.
Island in Rosario

Paraná Delta

Rosario sits on the banks of the Río Paraná upper delta, a 60km-wide area of mostly uninhabited, subtropical islands and winding riachos (streams). It’s rich in bird and animal life, and even the closest islands fee…
Waterfront in Rosario

Costanera Sur

The grassy zone below downtown includes plenty of space for jogging and courting, as well as the Estación Fluvial building, offering boat trips and eating and drinking options. Heading further north, you pass variou…
Argentine in Rosario


Occupying Rosario's most charming position, right on the river below the contemporary-art museum with 180-degree views, Davis offers minimalist-chic design with a smart restaurant inside a glass cube and outdoor riv…