Visitors are able to use the Mi Bici Tu Bici public bicycle scheme, which has posts all over town. A daily subscription costs AR$12.50 but each trip is limited to 30 minutes before you have to dock and check out again. You'll need a smartphone and a credit card. Download the Mi Bici Tu Bici app on your phone and generate a code which you enter into the panel at the station. Note that you'll need a local data plan or to find a station near a wi-fi hot spot as the codes expire rapidly.

To rent a bike, Rosario Kayak & Motor Boat Tours at the Estación Fluvial, has well-equipped town bikes for AR$150 per day. You’ll need your passport and an AR$300 deposit.


Local buses run from the terminal on Plaza Sarmiento (see for a journey planner). You can pay the AR$10.50 fare in coins, but unless you've broken a piggy bank, it's much easier to buy a rechargeable Tarjeta Movi card for AR$30 from the little booths at many major central bus stops. Trips then cost AR$9.70.