Many of Rosario's main attractions are found along the costanera and around the Parque Independencia, an expansive green space just south of the center where locals come to hang out and picnic, sip mate (a tea-like beverage) and play football.

Though you can’t enter, you may want to check out the apartment building that is the Casa Natal de 'Che' Guevara, where the newborn Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara had his first home.

Festivals & Events

Rosario packs out for the October 12 long weekend. Many hotels and hostels double their prices and fill up well ahead of time.


There are dozens of hostels, but they're often block-booked by groups of police or other government workers. There's also a herd of average midrange hotels. Prices generally drop midweek.


Central Rosario seems empty come suppertime. That’s because half the city is out on Av Carlos Pellegrini. Between Buenos Aires and Moreno there’s a vast number of family-friendly eateries, including barn-like parrillas (steak restaurants), dozens of pizza places, buffets, bars and excellent ice-creameries. Just stroll along and take your pick. Most places have street terraces.

For meals outside standard times, check out the city's many classic cafes.

Drinking & Nightlife

Rosario has a great number of restobares, which function as hybrid cafes and bars and generally serve a fairly standard selection of snacks and plates. Many are good for a morning coffee, an evening glass of wine – or anything in between.

Feature: Pichincha

Between Oroño and Francia, and north of Urquiza, the barrio of Pichincha is the city's most interesting for nightlife. The leafy streets and wide pavements make it seem a sleepy suburb by day, but at night every corner seems to have a quirky bar or hipster restaurant. The city's best boliches (nightclubs) are also found here.


There are regular tango events in Rosario; grab the monthly listings booklet from the tourist office and check


Rosario has two rival fútbol teams with several league titles between them. Newell’s Old Boys plays in red and black at Estadio Marcelo Bielsa and has a long, proud history of producing great Argentine players. Rosario Central plays in blue-and-yellow stripes at Estadio ‘El Gigante de Arroyito’. Buy tickets from the stadiums from two hours before the match.