Top Choice Gallery in Rosario

Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes

This gallery is worth a visit for its inventive displays of contemporary and 20th-century artworks from the Macro collection, and its small collection of European works, which contains a couple of very fine pieces.
Museum in Rosario

Museo de la Ciudad

Opposite the racetrack in a tin-roofed bungalow, one of Rosario's loveliest buildings, this enthusiastic museum is the place to begin an exploration of Parque Independencia. An excellent bilingual leaflet will lead …
Museum in Rosario

Museo de la Memoria

A former army HQ, not far from where police held, tortured and killed during the Dirty War, this museum seeks to remember the violence and victims. If you can read Spanish, you'll find it's a small but very moving d…
Gallery in Rosario

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Rosario

Housed in a brightly painted grain silo on the waterfront, this is part of Rosario’s impressive riverbank renewal. It features temporary exhibitions, mostly by young local artists, of varying quality, housed in smal…
Museum in Rosario

Museo Histórico Provincial

The well-presented collection features plenty of post-independence exhibits plus excellent displays on indigenous cultures from all over Latin America. Particularly interesting is the collection of baroque religious…