The Trout Atlas

Hollywood stars, heads of state and former US presidents all flock to desolate stretches around Río Grande with dreams of landing the big one. Usually they are in luck. Rivers around Río Grande were stocked in the 1930s with brown, rainbow and brook trout. The region is now one of the world’s best sea-run trout-fishing areas, with some local specimens weighing in at 16kg. Rainbow trout can reach 9kg.

Fishing excursions are mostly organized through outside agents, many in the US. ‘Public’ fishing rivers, on which trips can be organized, include the Fuego, Menéndez, Candelaria, Ewan and MacLennan. Lodgings for many of the more elite angling trips are in estancias (ranches) with exclusive use of some of the best rivers.

There are two types of fishing license. License 1 is valid throughout the province, except in Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego. Contact Asociación Caza y Pesca in Ushuaia (its website also has tidal charts). License 2 is valid for Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia. Contact the National Parks Administration office in Ushuaia or find more information on sport fishing in Argentina through the online portal Pesca Argentina ( Other useful information:

Flies Rubber legs and woolly buggers.

License fees AR$270 per day or AR$1080 per season, depending on where you fish.

Limit One fish per person per day, catch and release.

Methods Spinning and fly casting; no night fishing.

Season November 1 to April 15, with catch-and-release restrictions from April 1 to April 15.