Río Gallegos attractions

Museum in Río Gallegos

Museo Malvinas Argentinas

Perhaps a must-see for Brits, this museum gets inside the Argentine claim to the Islas Malvinas. New exhibits include signs made by ex-combatants and a video on the subject in English.
Plaza in Río Gallegos

Plaza San Martín

A pretty plaza, with quiet benches in the shade of poplars and purple-blossom jacarandas.
Wildlife Reserve in Río Gallegos

Reserva Provincial Cabo Vírgenes

Magellanic penguins nest September through March at Argentina's second-largest penguin rookery in this provincial reserve. There's also a lighthouse and snack bar open seasonally. It's 140km from Río Gallegos on slo…
Museum in Río Gallegos

Museo Provincial Padre Jesús Molina

Satiate your appetite for dinosaur dioramas and modern art at this museum offering exhibits on anthropology, paleontology, geology and fine arts. The Tehuelche ethnology exhibit includes fascinating photographs and …
Cultural Center in Río Gallegos

Funda Cruz

An attractive, imported, prefabricated wooden house. Once a customs office, it now hosts cultural activities as well as a salón de té (teahouse).
Museum in Río Gallegos

Museo de los Pioneros

In a prefabricated 1890s metal-clad house shipped from England, this museum has good displays on early immigrant life.
Museum in Río Gallegos

Museo de Arte Eduardo Minnicelli

Shows rotating exhibits from larger museums and paintings by Santa Cruz artists, with a mission to educate through art. It's also a good spot to get news on local cultural gatherings.