Top Choice Ice Cream in Congreso & Tribunales


This, one of BA's classic heladerías (ice-cream parlors), was founded by the Italian Olivotti family in 1957 and gets busy with the post-theater crowds late into the night. Try the dulce de leche (milk caramel), mad…
Top Choice Ice Cream in Bariloche

Helados Jauja

Ask Bariloche residents who serves the best ice cream in Bariloche and most will reply with one word: ‘Jauja.’ Of the 60 or so flavors, there are usually a couple dozen in rotation at any given time.
Ice Cream in Bariloche

Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui wears many hats and we love all of them. It's simultaneously a chocolate shop, an ice-cream parlor (with some of the best ice cream in Bariloche) and a bright and airy cafe. And if that weren't enough, ther…
Ice Cream in Rosario

De Buen Humor

Ice cream here comes from happy cows, they say. We can’t vouch for that, but anyone with a sweet tooth will be mooing contentedly at the optimism-filled decor, patio seating, and tasty cones, concoctions and fruit s…
Ice Cream in Recoleta & Barrio Norte


With 11 branches around the city, Persicco is many porteños' ice-cream vendor of choice. The selection of flavors will leave you spoilt for choice – take our advice and order the dulce de leche (caramel).
Ice Cream in Recoleta & Barrio Norte

Un Altra Volta

Sample Argentina's fabulous Italian-style gelato at this upmarket ice-cream parlor. The sambayón (made with egg yolks, milk, cream, sugar and Marsala wine) is particularly good here.
Ice Cream in Colón

Heladería Italia

Ice-cream parlors are all over Colón but this locally run place is the pick of the bunch for its delicious home-style flavors. Go early in your visit because you'll want to go back.
Ice Cream in El Chaltén

Domo Blanco

Excellent homemade ice cream made with flavors like lemon ginger and berry marscarpone, with fruit harvested from a local estancia and calafate bushes in town.
Ice Cream in Palermo

Un Altra Volta

Branch of the upmarket ice-cream parlor serving Italian-style gelato. Be sure to try the dulce de leche (caramel).
Ice Cream in Mendoza

Heladeria Famiglia Perin

Traditional-looking ice-cream parlor serving up classic gelato since 1947. Wide range of flavors and good espresso drinks as well.