Top Choice International in Santa Fe

La Boutique del Cocinero

This innovative, welcoming shop has an open kitchen that hosts sociable weekly workshops (normally Thursday or Friday: check the page) where you cook a meal – perhaps French, sushi or Lebanese – then sit down to eat…
Top Choice Basque in Rosario

Zazpirak Bat

From outside, this Basque cultural center gives few clues that there's a restaurant inside, and the menu seems a little humdrum at first glance. But what a place this is. Fish and seafood are prepared to give maxim…
Top Choice Spanish in Rosario

La Marina

Just above the flag monument, this basement place decorated with faded Spanish tourism posters is a top spot for inexpensive and really delicious seafood, like rabas (calamari) or succulent river fish on the grill. …
Top Choice Gourmet in Buenos Aires


Chef Gonzalo Aramburu’s 19-course ‘molecular’ meal is astounding; each artistically created plate is just a few bites of gastronomic delight. Expect enlightening tastes, textures and smells, plus unique presentation…
Top Choice Seafood in Puerto San Julián


–The best restaurant in town sits on the waterfront but without ocean views. Still, you will be entertained enough with the excellent wine recommendations, fresh fish and salads. Starters feature local Patagonian ga…
Parrilla in Rosario

Don Ferro

The handsomest restaurant in town, Don Ferro is exquisitely set in an old brick railroad shed, with a delightful terrace on the platform, excellent service and seriously delicious meat. The menu is wide-ranging, tho…
Vegetarian in Rosario

Rincón Vegetariano

This mostly vegetarian place is focused on healthy eating and weight loss and offers a huge range of meat-free hot and cold dishes to eat in or take out. There are always all sorts of deals going, with an all-you-ca…
Buffet in San Rafael

La Pagoda

Anybody familiar with the tenedor libre (all-you-can-eat) scene in Argentina won’t find too many surprises here, but the food (Argentine and Chinese) is fresh enough – get there early – and there’s certainly plenty …
Parrilla in San Rafael


San Rafael’s most frequently recommended parrilla holds no surprises, but has a good range of pastas and salads and, yes, some big juicy steaks.
Parrilla in San Rafael

Parrilla Listo El Pollo

The roadside parrilla is an Argentine classic and this one’s a great example. Grab a sidewalk table (not that there’s any choice) and knock elbows with taxi drivers while feasting on big cheap chunks of meat.