Feature: Resistencia's Sculptures

At last count, more than 650 sculptures graced the city, a number that increases with every Bienal. The streets are packed with them, especially around the plaza and north up Avenida Sarmiento. Every Bienal, a brochure is printed with a sculpture walking tour around the city. Locals can buy pieces at a symbolic cost, but they have to display them streetside.

Download the CulturApp Resistencia app for smartphones for a self-guided tour of the artworks.

Feature: Heading to Paraguay

If you're heading to Paraguay, buses run from Resistencia to Asunción, Paraguay’s capital, crossing in Argentina’s far north at Clorinda, a chaotic border town with little of interest beyond bustling markets.

A better stop is baking-hot Formosa, a medium-sized provincial capital two hours' bus ride north of Resistencia. Hotels, restaurants and services can be found along Av 25 de Mayo, which links the sleepy plaza with the Río Paraguay waterfront – the best place to stroll once the temperatures drop. Laguna Oca offers good bird-watching 6km from town, but the rest of Formosa province has even more.