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Getting There & Away

Most RN 3 buses visit Puerto San Julián’s bus terminal at insane hours. Before settling for a bus that will drop you off at the port at 4am, try Don Otto, which delivers southbound travelers to San Julián at civilized evening hours. Via Tac goes to Puerto Madryn (AR$990, 12 hours). Andesmar goes to Comodoro Rivadavia (AR$337, six hours). Taqsa/Marga goes to Bariloche (AR$1250, 14 hours) and Río Gallegos (AR$317, 4½ hours) at 4am, where travelers can make connections south.

There are slightly more expensive door-to-door options, all operating Monday to Saturday in the early morning hours.

Bus schedules may change, so always confirm departures ahead of time.