Top Choice Argentine in Puerto Madryn


Chic and waterfront, this white-linen restaurant serves consistently great food. Beautifully presented versions of traditional dishes include shrimp in garlic and cordero patagónico (Patagonian lamb) in a minimalist…
Top Choice Argentine in Puerto Madryn

Una Mesa

An original and wholly worthwhile option run by a young chef couple, this petite home offers an intimate dining experience, with fresh plates of seafood, risotto and meats in artful presentations. Don't skip the exq…
Argentine in Puerto Madryn


Locals gravitate toward this corner cafe offering the full gamut of dishes. The setting is an elegant renovation of a historic bank building, backlit by warm colors.
Parrilla in Puerto Madryn


The sweet smell of sautéeing garlic stops pedestrians in their tracks, this classic parrilla also does pasta and fish in an intimate, unpretentious setting. While it has a longstanding reputation, some customers hav…
Ice Cream in Puerto Madryn

Heladería Mares

A must stop for a creamy dulce de leche ice cream.
International in Puerto Madryn

Mr Jones

Serving a wealth of yummy stouts and reds, homemade pot pie, and fish and chips, this favorite local pub always delivers. Service is friendly but tends to be slow.
Argentine in Puerto Madryn

Lizard Café

The ‘burger pizza’ hasn’t caught on yet, but this corner cafe, which also serves decent salads, fills up since it’s almost always open.
in Puerto Madryn

Los Colonos

Depending on your perspective, the design of this corner restaurant – resembling an old wooden ship, complete with a mini lighthouse near the entrance – is either corny or festive. We vote for the latter, but maybe …
Mexican in Puerto Madryn


This tiny, colorful eatery serves up nachos and fajitas to travelers yearning for something spicy. While it's not straight out of Guadalajara, a valiant effort is made with homemade whole wheat tortillas and house s…
Seafood in Puerto Madryn

Bistro de Mar Nautico

With unbeatable beachfront atmosphere and bustling old-school waiters, this busy cafe does the job. Seafood lovers can get grilled fish or crisp calamari. There's also burgers, pizzas and even breakfast with gorgeou…