Top Choice Museum in Puerto Madryn


Celebrating the area’s unique marine ecosystem, this masterpiece brings an artistic sensitivity to extensive scientific research. There are exhibits on the breeding habits of right whales, dolphin sounds and souther…
Wildlife Reserve in Puerto Madryn

Observatorio Punta Flecha

Run by Fundación Patagonia Natural, this whale-watching observatory sits 17km north of Puerto Madryn on Playa el Doradillo. It offers tourist information and opens at high tide, when there are more whales and visito…
Museum in Puerto Madryn

Museo Oceanográfico y de Ciencias Naturales

Feeling strands of seaweed and ogling a preserved octopus gives a hands-on museum experience here. The 1917 Chalet Pujol features marine-and-land mammal exhibits, preserved specimens, and collections of Welsh wares.…