The Jesuit missions are the area’s big attraction.

Guided Tours

Many operators offer tours to Iguazú Falls, the Jesuit missions and Los Esteros del Iberá.

Festivals & Events

Posadas celebrates Carnaval (in February or March, depending on the year) with great gusto.


Considering its size, Posadas has a very limited range of hotel options. The best choices in town are business-orientated hotels in the center. There are few atmospheric places to sleep and choices in lower price ranges are for the most part very ordinary.


A delicious specialty is galeto (chargrilled chicken pieces stuffed with bacon, red peppers and butter). A string of popular places along Bolívar west of the plaza do lomitos (steak sandwiches), sandwiches and other cheap eats.

Drinking & Nightlife

Most weekend action is down at the costanera, where a knot of eateries, bars and clubs go loud and late.