Posadas attractions

Top Choice Waterfront in Posadas


In the afternoon, the costanera comes alive with joggers, cyclists, dog walkers, mate sippers, hot-dog vendors and young couples staring at Paraguay across the water. Pride of place goes to 'Andresito,' a huge stain…
Statue in Posadas

Andresito Statue

Pride of place on the Posadas costanera goes to this huge stainless-steel sculpture of Guaraní provincial strongman Andrés Guacarurí (Guazurary), looking like the Tin Man in search of a heart.
Gallery in Posadas

Palacio del Mate

While it sounds like it should be interesting, unfortunately the Mate Palace is a fail with just a couple of display cases housing decorative gourds and nothing on production or drinking culture. The adjoining galle…