Portal Carambola is a fine place to spot wildlife. Almost all the action here is on the water – there are not yet any trails through the park itself so you'll need to go on a boat or kayak trip to fully experience los esteros here.

Around the port the river is full of small channels winding their way through walls of high grasses that make for a scenic journey.

You'll also see plenty of animals along the road that runs from the park entrance down to the river.


The Associación de Guias Iberá Pora in Concepción can arrange a variety of interesting activities in the wetlands.


Portal Carmabola is a great option if you want to experience Iberá at night. If you hire a local guide you can stay in a refuge (per visitor AR$50) built in the style of the local houses on the park grounds. An even better option is to stay with a local family in the community besides the park atop their mound with 360-degree views of the plains.


It's possible to pitch a tent for a small fee in the Portal Carmabola community and order meals from locals.

There was nowhere to pitch a tent within the national park when we visited although there are plans to construct a campsite a short distance from the port.


If you stay in the park refuge there is a kitchen area for guests. Another option is to purchase meals from locals in the village next to the park but these need to be organized in advance.

Dining out is the one weak link in Concepción's push to get into tourism but there are some comedores (basic cafeterias) in town that serve filling meals at a good price.