Don't Miss: Thru Trekking Patagonia

The US has the Appalachian Trail, New Zealand has the Te Araroa Trail, and now Argentina has Huella Andina, the country’s first long-distance trail. Huella, literally ‘footprint,’ is the local term for footpaths.

The project was the brainchild of Estefanía Chereguini and Walter Oszust, two young mountaineers in Esquel. It took them three years to mark 430km of trails through the Andes with 31 stages. Huella Andina crosses from Neuquén to Chubut, passing through five national parks, including Parque Nacional Los Alerces, and private lands. Scenery shifts from araucaria to alerce forest, from mountain heights to river valleys and pristine lakes. It’s marked by a couple of blue and white parallel bands.

Now managed by the Ministerio Nacional de Turismo, the project is expected to eventually feature over 600km of linked trails. Visit the website for details on trail stages and a map.