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Getting There & Away

Buses from La Rioja to Pagancillo and Villa Unión (AR$190, 3½ hours) will leave you at the park entrance, from where it’s only a 500m walk to the visitors center. The earliest bus (Facundo) leaves La Rioja at 7am, giving you plenty of time to make a day trip. There are three buses per week between Villa Unión, 58km up the road, and Chilecito (AR$215, three hours) over the spectacular Miranda Pass.

If you want to see Talampaya and Ischigualasto in one day, tour operators such as Corona del Inca in La Rioja or Cuesta Vieja and Salir del Cráter in Chilecito will do it. It can be cheaper taking a remise (taxi) from either of those or from closer Villa Unión.