Behind the information center, a one-hour trail leads to Pinturas Rupestres, somewhat denigrated cave paintings with interpretative signs in English. Consult park rangers for backpacking options and guided walks to the pictographs at Casa de Piedra on Lago Burmeister, and to Playa de los Amonites on Lago Belgrano, where there are fossils.

Lago Burmeister is an eight-hour roundtrip walk. The peninsula of Lago Belgrano has two hikes: an all-day walk around the perimeter or a four-hour roundtrip to an interior lake. When conditions are very windy, the above options, and El Rincón, are the best: stay off the peaks!

From Estancia La Oriental, it’s a 3½-hour hike to the summit of 1434m Cerro León for a dazzling panorama. Immediately east of the summit, the volcanic outcrop of Cerro de los Cóndores is a nesting site, with condors circling a 300m cliff. Pumas have also been spotted here and guanacos down below.