As well as sailing and hiking, travel agencies in Esquel have fishing, canoeing, mountain biking, snorkeling and horseback riding.


Traditionally, Circuito Lacustre is Los Alerces’ most popular excursion. Launches from Puerto Chucao (1½ hours) go to the nature trail El Alerzal, the most accessible stand of alerces. Visitors can also arrive at Puerto Chucao via a very scenic 1500m trail that crosses the bridge over Río Arrayanes.

The launch remains docked for over an hour at El Alerzal trailhead, sufficient for an unhurried hike around the loop trail that passes Lago Cisne and an attractive waterfall to end up at El Abuelo (Grandfather), a 57m-tall, 2600-year-old alerce.

Excursions leave from Puerto Chucao (AR$1200), departing at 11:30am and returning around 5pm. In summer, purchase tickets in Esquel to ensure a seat.

There are also kayak excursions on many of the park's lakes. Motorboats are no longer allowed in Lago Futalaufquen or Río Arrayanes.


Hikers must sign in at one of the ranger stations before heading out.

Day hikes can be undertaken from several interpretative trails located near Lago Futalaufquen. There is also a 25km trail from Puerto Limonao along the south shore of Futalaufquen to Hostería Lago Krüger, which can be done in a long day, or broken up by camping at Playa Blanca.

For longer hikes, see Lonely Planet’s Trekking in the Patagonian Andes.