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Protecting 3790 sq km of native Patagonian forest, Parque Nacional Lanín is home to many of the same species that characterize more southerly Patagonian forests, such as the southern beeches – lenga, ñire and coihue. The area does host some unique specimens, though, such as the extensive stands of the broadleaf, deciduous southern beech, raulí, and the curious pehuén (monkey puzzle tree; Araucaria araucana), a pinelike conifer whose nuts have long been a dietary staple for the Pehuenches and Mapuches.

Trekking up Volcán Lanín is the park's most popular challenge, though there are excellent hikes around each of the park's lakes.

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San Martin de los Andes Small-Group Mountain Bike Adventure

After a hotel pickup by minivan in San Martin de los Andes, head out on one of two possible routes for your mountain bike tour. Your transport zips you to a high starting point, allowing you to enjoy a journey that meanders downhill. There may be some gentle hills and long stretches of pedaling along the way — but the views make it worthwhile! Before you start, you’ll be paired with a mountain bike and receive a safety briefing. Then, at the end of your 3- to 4-hour ride, board your minivan and arrive back at your hotel in the early evening. Cerro Chapelco Tour:If your guide selects this route (based on the weather conditions), begin at Mount Chapelco, a site that towers some 6,496 feet (1,980 meters) above sea level, and attracts visitors from all over the world for its first-class ski resort and bounty of year-round outdoor activities. Admire the lenga forests that surround Mount Chapelco, and glimpse snow-covered Lanín Volcano, straddling the border of Argentina and Chile, that breaks high above the rest of the Andes mountain range. Cross streams and cycle through the forests of Arrayanes with its cinnamon-colored trees. When you reach Arrayanes viewpoint, be wowed by sweeping views of San Martin de los Andes, the forested Andes mountains and Lake Lácar, spanning 21 square miles (55 sq km) wide. Piedra de Trompul Tour:Your biking journey for this route begins inside Lanín National Park at Piedra de Trompul, which means ‘Chief’s stone’ in the indigenous Mapuche language. Learn from your guide about the local legend behind the pointed rock formation and then cycle along a high plateau, up and down hills, and through forests of massive coihue trees. In the hills high above Lake Lácar, pass local Mapuche communities and continue on wooded fire roads down to the lake. Enjoy lakeside views during the final leg of your ride.Please note: A minimum of two people per booking is required.

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Chapelco Hill Half-Day Tour Including Pil Pil and Arrayanes

Hop aboard a comfy minivan from your San Martin de los Andes hotel, and travel south with your guide along a route that follows along sapphire-blue Lago Lácar in the Andes mountains. Listen to informative commentary as you glimpse Cerro Colorado (formerly a volcano), Cerro Savanna and Paraje Pil Pil, home to a community of indigenous Mapuche Curruhuinca.Stretch your legs at the Mirador de Pil Pil and capture panoramas of Lago Lácar, framed by the peaks of Mallo, Savanna and Colorado. When you see the Piedra de Trompul ('Chief's stone' in the native Mapuche language), find out about its local symbolic importance.Next, disembark at the base of Mount Chapelco, a mountain that rises some 6,496 feet (1,980 meters) above sea level and also a world-class ski resort, surrounded by lenga forests with views of snowcapped Lanín Volcano. After a brief tour here, enjoy some free time and wander into shops that sell artisanal chocolate, smoked meat, refreshing beer and more. Or, take a cable-car ride (own expense) for aerial views of volcanoes, the Andes mountain range and Lago Lácar.Back aboard your minivan, head back to San Martin de los Andes on the Arrayanes Circuit, a route named for its forests of cinnamon-colored trees. Pass through Puente Blanco, another Mapuche community town, and make a stop at Arrayanes viewpoint to soak up stunning views of San Martin de los Andes nestled amid the mountains, forests and Lago Lácar. Your tour ends with a hotel drop-off in the early evening.

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San Martin de los Andes to Cerro Colorado Trekking Tour

Your day trip to Cerro Colorado volcano begins with a convenient pickup at your San Martin de los Andes hotel. Get to know your informative local guide, who is part of the trusted AAGM (Asociación Argentina de Guías de Montaña). The scenic drive to the volcano takes approx. 40 minutes, and its towering presence can be seen from many surrounding vantage points. When you arrive at the base, prepare for a 3-hour climb up the statuesque volcano, which reaches 5,833 feet above sea level. Crossing a small, tranquil stream signifies your entrance to a lush forest, comprised of beech trees that rise to 98 feet high (30 meters). Your well-marked path then leads into a picturesque canyon that ascends up the side of the volcano. As you make your way up the mountain, your guide enlightens you about the local vegetation and the unique geology, which reveals how this region was formed thousands of years ago as well as how it continues to change at present day. Check out the texture of the volcanic rocks, which change in size and texture as you zero in on the summit, and search for telltale clues about the volcano through time. As you gain higher elevation, the trees and plants shrink in size and become sparse, revealing a magnificent view that extends throughout the entire Lácar basin. Once at the top, you’re rewarded with unforgettable 360-degree views of Lago Lácar (Lake Lácar), the Chapelco mountain range, Cerro Abanico and more.Enjoy some time to soak it all in, then prepare for the 2-hour descent down the mountain, where you’ll be driven back to your San Martin de los Andes hotel.Please note: A minimum of two people per booking is required.

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San Martin de los Andes to Cerro Falkner Hiking Tour

Your day trip to Cerro Falkner begins with a convenient pickup at your San Martín de los Andes hotel. Travel with your guide south for 31 miles (50 km) along one of the most famous circuits in Argentina, the Seven Lakes Route (Ruta de los Siete Lagos), also known as Seven Lakes Road. The 68-mile-long (110-km) road connects San Martín de los Andes to Villa La Angostura, both in the Neuquén province, stretching from the southern end of Lanín National Park to the northern sector of Nahuel Huapi National Park.Enjoy a pleasant drive as you pass four principal lakes of Lácar, Villarino, Falkner and Machonico, and into the mountainous forests of ñire (reed) and coihue trees. When you arrive at the base of Cerro Falkner, located in the northern end of Nahuel Huapi National Park, prepare for a 3-hour climb of medium-level difficulty to the summit ridge, 7,709 feet above sea level. Trek through ñire and lenga woods, and keep watch for ducks, condors, foxes and frogs during your journey.Take a break for lunch (bring your own) on your way to the top. As you rest, your guide explains the local vegetation and the unique geology of the area. Reach the ridge and capture mesmerizing views of the lakes of Villarino, Falkner, Nuevo and Filo Hua Hum. Gaze at the snowcapped Lanín Volcano and Cerro Villarica to the north, and dozens of peaks to the south and west, including Tronador, Puntiagudo and Osorno hills. Enjoy time to take in the abundant natural beauty, and then begin the 2-hour descent down the mountain, where you’ll be driven back to your San Martín de los Andes hotel.Please note: A minimum of two people per booking is required.

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San Martin de los Andes to Hua Hum Day Trip and Waterfall Hike

Enjoy a convenient hotel pickup by minivan in the afternoon, and head west with your guide out of San Martin de los Andes. Your 5-hour journey takes you all the way to the border with Chile and covers a round-trip distance of roughly 75 miles (120 km). Your scenic drive first takes you through Lanín National Park into the Pampa de Trompul, part of a local indigenous Mapuche community’s territory. Pass by the Piedra de Trompul, or ‘Chief’s stone’ in the Mapuche language. According to legend, strong thunder in its vicinity means rain or snow is coming. In the distance, look out for Savannah Mountain and Cerro Colorado, an extinct volcano.Travel along a road that winds, dips and ascends amid lush green scenery to reach Peninsula de Yuco. Disembark here, and follow your guide for a pleasant stroll through an Andean-Patagonian forest of pellin, oak and coihue woods. Come out the other side onto Yuco beach, a site surrounded by myrtle trees, facing the pristine waters of Lake Lácar nestled in the Andes mountains.Back aboard your minivan, continue to Hua Hum, a settlement located at the western end of Lake Nonghué, the source of the Hua Hum River that flows into the Pacific. Soak up the views from a lakeside lodge during a snack break (own expense). Next, drive to the starting point for your easygoing 30-minute hike up to Chachin Waterfall. From a balcony, admire the 65-foot (20-meter) cascade roaring down into a clear green pool of water. Then travel toward the border with Chile, where you'll see Christ of Peace, a statue representing Argentina’s brotherhood with its neighbor country. Learn more about this figure carved by artists from Easter Island.Hop back aboard your minivan, head east and arrive back at your San Martin de los Andes hotel at night.Please note: A minimum of two people per booking is required.

$179 Water Sports

San Martin de los Andes to Lacar Lake Kayaking Adventure

Stunning Lácar Lake, formed by a glacier, is surrounded by the mighty Andes Mountains. It makes for one of the best bodies of water in the area for kayaking. Start this small-group excursion with hotel pickup in San Martin de los Andes and head to the lakeshore.Take a few moments to learn proper paddling technique as well as some general safety procedures. Once you're fitted with your equipment, hop in the kayak and take off! Your destination: La Islita, a rocky island located 5 miles away. But this kayak tour is all about the journey, so be sure to take in the gorgeous scenery around the glacial lake. When you pull up to the shore, take a rest on La Islita. Refuel with water and any snacks your brought along, and feel free to explore the natural landscape off the beaten path. Back in your kayak, paddle back to the launch point, where you're driven back to your hotel.Please note: A minimum of two people per booking is required.

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