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The journey from Tucumán is spectacular: a narrow river gorge with dense subtropical forest on all sides opens onto the reservoir-filled valley beneath the snowy peaks of the Sierra del Aconquija. The precipitous mountain road merits a window seat.

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Tafí del Valle and Quilmes Ruins Full-Day Tour from Tucumán

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productPass By: San Miguel De TucumanHotel pick up from Tucuman (selected hotels only).Stop At: Reserva Los SosaLeave Tucumán behind and start ascending the valley through the Route 307. The road goes into the Los Sosa River Gorge, part of the Natural Reserve with the same name. Continuing, we will sight the monument "El Indio". Duration: 1 hourStop At: Menhires Provincial Park, Tafi del Valle, Province of Tucuman, Northern ArgentinaHigher, the entrance to the Valley of Tafi is simply shocking. Surrounding La Angostura Dam we will arrive at The Mollar to visit The Menhires. It only takes a walk along the Archaeological Reserve Los Menhires and a look at the 50 types of rocks dating from more than 2000 years (from the beginning of the Christian era)- that rise up to 3 meters high- to be amazed by the archaeological legacy of the primitive races.The word menhir has a Celtic origin and it means “long stone”. The shapes represented in the mehnirs are surprising: sometimes they show human faces and other times animal faces, mainly felines. Others are geometric and there also are combinations of different types.Duration: 2 hoursStop At: Tafi Del ValleLater we will visit the picturesque city of Tafi del Valle. Inside Tafí del Valle, the Jesuit architecture is preserved, the oldest section was built by the Jesuits in the first half of the eighteenth century. In the valley we will have free time for lunch (optional) an then we continue through the Route 307 up to the viewpoint from which the best views of the valley are obtained, in a pronounced zigzag until Abra del Infiernillo , at 3,042 meters high. Duration: 1 hour 30 minutesStop At: Quilmes Ruins (Ruinas de Quilmes), Amaicha del Valle, Province of Tucuman, Northern ArgentinaIn Amaicha del Valle we will visit the square and its surroundings. After connecting with the 40 National Route, the Sacred City of Quilmes breaks left. The visitor will be able to tour the complex with the company of a guide and will be amazed to know every detail of the last bastion on aboriginal resistance against the Spanish advance, that finished in 1667, when 1700 survivors were sent, walking, to the proximity of Buenos Aires (currently the city of Quilmes), where only 400 of them made it there. The Museo del Sitio (currently out of service for restoration) showcases pieces obtained in the excavations and invites you to dive into an unprecedented legacy.Duration: 2 hoursStop At: San Miguel De TucumanThe return includes hotel drop-off in Tucumán.Duration: 3 hours

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El tour parte de la Plaza Independencia, en San Miguel de Tucumán. En el camino nos asombraremos con la exuberancia de la selva de Yungas en la Reserva Provincial Los Sosa. Luego de una parada en el Mirador del Condor en Tafí del Valle, continuaremos por la ruta 307 hacia Amaicha. Aquí empezaremos a vivir la historia y la experiencia de los vinos tucumanos.Si la jornada nos lo permite, nos introduciremos en la increíble historia de la Bodega Comunitaria Los Amaichas, perteneciente a la comunidad, 3ra en su tipo en el mundo. Continuaremos los caminos por Ruta Nacional 40, hacia Colalao del Valle, asombrados por este increíble lugar y sus maravillosas texturas y sabores. Luego de visitar 3 bodegas, haremos nuestra parada obligada en La Ciudad Sagrada de Quilmes, 2do vestigio de ruinas incaicas en importancia arqueológica después de Machu Pichu.A las 17:30 emprenderemos retorno a San Miguel de Tucumán.The tour departs from Independence Square, in San Miguel de Tucumán. On our way we will get astonished about the Yungas jungle exuberance, trough the "Los Sosa" reserve. After a nice stop in the "Condor Viewpoint" in Tafi del Valle, we ill take again the 307th route heading Amaicha, where we will start living Tucuman's wines history and experience.If the day allow us, we will get inside the "Los Amaichas Community Winery" amazing story. Belonging to the Native Community, this winery is the 3rd of its type around the world, and the 2nd in America.On the road again, we will take the 40th National Route to Colalao del Valle, amazed by this place, the valleys, its textures and flavors. After a 3 winerys tour, we will stop in the Quilmes Holy City ruins, being the 2nd importance Inca ruins after Machu Pichu.Around 5:30 pm we will take the road back, arriving San Miguel de Tucumán at 8 pm approx.

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Recorrido turístico que inicia en San Miguel de Tucumán con destino Tafí del Valle.En el camino conoceremos la Reserva Provincial Los Sosa, el Chasqui, parque Los Menhires y arribaremos a Tafi al mediodía.Después de almorzar seguiremos hacia Amaicha, para conocer las ruinas de la Ciudad Sagrada de Quilmes y visitar el museo de la Pachamama. Duración total 12hs aprox.On our way to Tafi del Valle we will know the Los Sosa Natural Reserve, the Chasqui, Los Menhires park, and will arrive to Tafi del Valle at noon.After lunch we will continue our tour heading Amaicha del Valle, where we will meet the ruins of the Quilmes's Holy City, and the Pachamama museum.Duration 12hs approx