Misiones attractions

Top Choice Ruins in San Ignacio

San Ignacio Miní

These mission ruins are the most complete of those in Argentina: atmospheric and impressive for the quantity of carved ornamentation still visible and for the amount of restoration. There's a small museum and the ru…
Top Choice Ruins in Misiones

Jesús de Tavarangüe

The restored church at Jesús was never finished. It boasts spectacular trefoil arches (a nod to Spain’s Moorish past) and carved motifs of crossed swords and keys. The treble-naved church with green grass underfoot …
Top Choice Ruins in Misiones

Trinidad Ruins

Spectacular ruins, with the red-brown stone of the church contrasting strongly with the flower-studded green grass and surrounding hillscapes. Unlike at the Argentine missions, there is much decoration preserved her…
Top Choice Waterfront in Posadas


In the afternoon, the costanera comes alive with joggers, cyclists, dog walkers, mate sippers, hot-dog vendors and young couples staring at Paraguay across the water. Pride of place goes to 'Andresito,' a huge stain…
Park in Saltos del Moconá

Parque Provincial Moconá

At the end of the road from El Soberbio you cross the Río Yabotí and arrive in the Parque Provincial Moconá. There's a visitors center, walking trails and a restaurant. Boat trips (AR$250) are essential if you want …
Ruins in Santa Ana & Loreto

Nuestra Señora de Loreto

Loreto, founded in 1632, has few visible remains but is atmospheric. There are plans for further excavation and restoration, but for now the jungle is king here and for the most part it’s difficult to interpret the …
Ruins in Santa Ana & Loreto

Santa Ana

At Santa Ana, which was founded in 1633 but moved here in 1660, dense forest has been partially removed to reveal a settlement that had over 7000 Guaraní inhabitants at its peak. The enormous 140-sq-meter plaza atte…
Museum in San Ignacio

Casa de Horacio Quiroga

Uruguayan writer Horacio Quiroga was a get-back-to-nature type who found his muse in the rough-and-ready Misiones backwoods lifestyle. He built his simple stone house at the southern end of town (a 30-minute walk) h…
Ruins in Misiones

Santa María la Mayor

Santa María is the least spectacular of the ruins on the joint admission ticket which, combined with its out-of-the-way location make it a rarely visited attraction. A sizable plaza is the main feature, with the chu…
Statue in Posadas

Andresito Statue

Pride of place on the Posadas costanera goes to this huge stainless-steel sculpture of Guaraní provincial strongman Andrés Guacarurí (Guazurary), looking like the Tin Man in search of a heart.