Dangers & Annoyances

Mendoza has long been one of Argentina’s safer destinations; however, like any large city, there is crime, and you should take common-sense precautions. Bag snatching and pickpocketing are things to watch out for. The areas around the bus terminal and on Cerro de la Gloria (in Parque General San Martín) have an increased police presence, but are considered dangerous at night. Increased caution is recommended during the early afternoon, too, as police tend to take the siesta along with everybody else. There have been reports of people picking locks on hostel lockers – if you have something really valuable, leave it at your hostel’s reception or, better yet, in its safe.

Emergency & Important Numbers

Ambulance 0261-428-0000

Internet Access

Wifi is ubiquitous in cafes, restaurants, city plazas and hotels. There are some internet cafes in the center.


La Guía This free monthly events magazine is a must-have if you plan on keeping up with Mendoza’s hectic cultural scene. Pick up a copy at any tourist office.

Wine Republic Mostly written and edited by Charlie O'Malley of Trout & Wine, with the occasional guest columnist, this is an excellent English-language magazine focusing on wine but also featuring good reviews of up-and-coming restaurants, Mendoza gossip and a couple of entertaining articles. Pick up a copy at your hotel, cafes, Mendoza City Tour or Trout & Wine.

Tourist Information

ACA Argentina’s auto club; good source for provincial road maps.

Ministerio de Turismo Long counter with helpful staff, maps and regional information, housed in a grand building.

Tourist Kiosk This helpful kiosk near Av San Martín is a convenient information source; there's another at the bus terminal.