Top Choice Port in Mar del Plata

Puerto Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata is one of Argentina’s most important fishing centers. Its port area, 8km south of the city center, is worth a visit, though public access to the jetty – and its graveyard of ruined ships, half-sunken a…
Harbour in Mar del Plata

Ship Graveyard

Just past the sea lion colony is the port's fantastic graveyard of ruined ships, half-sunken and rusting in the sun. Here the Escollera Sur (southern jetty) begins its long stretch some 2km out to sea, with panorami…
Beach in Mar del Plata

Playa Escondida

For the adventurous, there’s Playa Escondida, some 25km south of Mardel and possibly Argentina’s only legal nude beach. Bus 221 gets you there.