Top ChoiceNature Reserve in Malargüe

Parque Provincial Payunia

Just over 200km south of Malargüe on the RN 40, the spectacular Parque Provincial Payunia is a 4500-sq-km reserve with a higher concentration of volcanic cones (over 800 of them) than anywhere else in the world....

Top ChoiceArgentine in Malargüe

La Cima Restaurant & Parrilla

The name, a holdover from when the restaurant was located at high altitude in Las Leñas, could refer to its status in the Malargüe dining scene, such as it is. It's at the top of the heap. Besides good-quality...

Cave in Malargüe

Caverna de Las Brujas

Caverna de Las Brujas is a magical limestone cave on Cerro Moncol, 72km south of Malargüe and 8km north of Bardas Blancas along RN 40. Its name means ‘Cave of the Witches.’ The cave complex stretches for 5km....

Food & Drink in Malargüe

Fiesta Nacional del Chivo

All things chivo (goat), as well as the typical beauty-queen coronation, and music and dance performances, are celebrated the first weekend in January. Vegetarians may want to skip. If you love asado (barbecue),...

Planetarium in Malargüe


Malargüe’s remote location makes it a great spot for stargazing, and this Planetarium is an excellent, state-of-the-art complex featuring some freaky architecture and some reasonably entertaining audiovisual...

Lake in Malargüe

Laguna Llancancelo

Lying within its namesake fauna reserve about 60km southeast of Malargüe, Laguna Llancancelo is a high mountain lake visited by more than 100 bird species, including flamingos.

Argentine in Malargüe

Los Olivos Resto Cafe

There's a good range of well-prepared food here – the menu's split into 'gourmet' (offering regional faves like goat and trout) and 'classic,' with inventive twists on Argentine standards. Live music weekend nights.