Situated on the windy shores of Lago Buenos Aires, the agricultural oasis of Los Antiguos is home to orchards of cherries, strawberries, apples, apricots and peaches. Before Europeans arrived, it was known as I-Keu-khon (Place of the Elders) to Tehuelches. It makes an attractive crossing into Chile, with great outdoors access on both sides of the border, including to the new Parque Nacional Patagonia, with a trail to the mesa top that starts right outside town.

In 1991 the eruption of Volcán Hudson in Chile covered the town in ash, but the orchards have bounced back. In summer, Lago Buenos Aires, South America’s second-biggest lake, is warm enough for a brisk swim. The stunning Río Jeinemeni is a favored spot for trout and salmon fishing. The stretch of road between Perito Moreno and Los Antiguos affords spectacular lake views.