Architecture of La Plata

Architecture fans plan trips to La Plata just to see Le Corbusier's Casa Curutchet. But the city skyline has several other highlights you'll spot on a quick stroll around the center.

Opposite the cathedral is the Palacio Municipal, designed in German Renaissance style by Hanoverian architect Hubert Stiers. On the west side of the plaza, the Museo y Archivo Dardo Rocha was the vacation home of the city’s creator and contains period furniture and many of his personal knickknacks.

Two blocks northeast, the Teatro Argentino is a concrete monolith, but boasts great acoustics – ideal for the lineup of ballet, symphony orchestras and opera. Two blocks further northeast, in front of Plaza San Martín, is the ornate Palacio de la Legislatura, also in German Renaissance style. Nearby, catch the French Classic Pasaje Dardo Rocha, once La Plata’s main railroad station and now the city’s major cultural center, containing two museums. Also close by is the Flemish Renaissance Casa de Gobierno, housing the provincial governor and his retinue.