Top Choice Church in La Plata

Catedral de la Plata

Construction began on La Plata's spectacular neo-Gothic cathedral in 1885, but the church wasn't inaugurated until 1932, and tower construction was only completed in 1999. The cathedral was inspired by medieval pred…
Top Choice Architecture in La Plata

Casa Curutchet

The famed French-Swiss architect Le Corbusier only built two structures in the Americas: Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard, and Casa Curutchet. The strikingly modern house, commissioned by the Argentin…
Zoo in La Plata

Jardín Zoológico

The modest Jardín Zoológico is in the Paseo del Bosque parkland.
Museum in La Plata

Museo de La Plata

This excellent museum features the paleontological, zoological, archaeological and anthropological finds of famous Patagonian explorer Francisco P Moreno. The eclectic collection includes Egyptian tomb relics, Jesui…
Museum in La Plata

Museo y Archivo Dardo Rocha

The Museo y Archivo Dardo Rocha was the vacation house of the city’s creator and contains period furniture and many of his personal knickknacks.
Observatory in La Plata

Observatorio Astronómico

In La Plata's parkland, the Observatorio Astronómico is one for stargazers.
Theater in La Plata

Teatro Argentino

The Teatro Argentino is a fantastically ugly concrete monolith, but boasts great acoustics and quality ballet, symphony and opera performances.
Notable Building in La Plata

Casa de Gobierno

The Flemish Renaissance Casa de Gobierno houses the provincial governor and his retinue.
Market in La Plata

Feria Artesanal

Notable Building in La Plata

Palacio de la Legislatura

In front of Plaza San Martín is the ornate Palacio de la Legislatura, in German Renaissance style.