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Parrilla in Junín de los Andes

Ruca Hueney

Ruca Hueney, Junín’s oldest restaurant, is reliable and has the most extensive menu in town. Portions are large; service is abrupt. There’s a cheaper takeout counter next door in case you were thinking about a picni…
Cafe in Junín de los Andes


You could hardly think of a less appealing name, but this bright, comfortable cafe by the tourist office is a good place for coffee and a sandwich.
Museum in Junín de los Andes

Museo Mapuche

The collection here includes Mapuche weavings and archaeological pieces.
Pizza in Junín de los Andes


An inviting little pizza and burger bar, with a better atmosphere than most. There’s a wide range of pizzas on offer and a good music selection seals the deal.
Argentine in Junín de los Andes


Fabulous trendy eatery with colorful artsy decor, healthy food and great onda (vibe). Choose from dozens of pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and salads, all delivered with friendly service.
Hill in Junín de los Andes

Cerro de La Cruz

West of town, near the end of Av Antártida Argentina, a wide dirt path called the Vía Cristi winds its way up the small Cerro de La Cruz with impressive sculptures, bas-reliefs and mosaics vividly depictin…
Landmark in Junín de los Andes

Vía Cristi

Situated about 2km from the center of town, near the end of Av Antardida Argentina, Vía Cristi contains a collection of 22 sculptures, bas reliefs and mosaics winding its way up Cerro de la Cruz and vividly depictin…