Top Choice Gallery in Jujuy


An attractive modern space, this showcases exhibitions by well-established Argentine contemporary artists. There's often work of excellent quality here, and it makes a fun place to check out the Jujuy scene. The caf…
Museum in Jujuy

Museo Arqueológico

The standout exhibit is a vivid 3000-year-old fertility goddess figure, depicted with snakes for hair and in the act of giving birth. She’s a product of the advanced San Francisco culture, which existed in Las Yunga…
Museum in Jujuy

Museo Histórico Franciscano

Alongside the San Francisco church and convent, this retains a strong selection of colonial art from local painters, the Cuzco school and Bolivian workshops. A confessional from Potosí, a rustic violin from a Jesuit…
Museum in Jujuy

Museo Histórico Provincial

During Argentina’s civil wars, a bullet pierced the imposing wooden door of this colonial house, killing General Juan Lavalle, a hero of the wars of independence. His story is told here; there is also religious and …
Museum in Jujuy

Cabildo & Museo Policial

On the plaza, the attractively colonnaded cabildo houses the Museo Policial. Police museums in Argentina are funny things, with grisly crime photos, indiscriminate homage to authority and the odd quirky gem – in thi…
Cathedral in Jujuy

Iglesia Catedral

Jujuy’s 18th-century cathedral replaced a predecessor destroyed by the Diaguita. The outstanding feature, salvaged from the original church, is the gold-laminated baroque pulpit, probably built by local artisans tra…
Museum in Jujuy

Museo Temático de Maquetas Tupac Amaru

Set up by and housed in the headquarters of an indigenous political organization, this unexpectedly charming museum tells the history, traditions and mythology of indigenous Argentina in a series of entertaining dio…
Notable Building in Jujuy

Casa de Gobierno

This imposingly elegant government building was completed in 1921.