Train in Esquel

La Trochita

Argentina's famous narrow-gauge steam train averages less than 30km/h on its meandering weekly journey between Esquel and Nahuel Pan – if it runs at full speed. In its current incarnation, La Trochita, which Paul Th…
Bus Station in Río Mayo

Bus Terminal

There are daily morning services from the bus terminal to Comodoro Rivadavia and Sarmiento. Services go twice weekly to Coyhaique, Chile, on Wednesday and Saturday. Schedules change regularly so check details at the…
Bus Station in Gobernador Costa

Bus Terminal

The bus terminal is next to Mi Refugio. Buses go to Esquel, continuing to Bariloche at 3:45am every day except Saturday. For Comodoro Rivadavia, buses leave at 11:30pm every day except Sunday. To reach Río Mayo, mos…
Boat in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares (North)

Hielo Sur

This Chilean catamaran takes border-crossers from Candelario Mansilla. Some trips go to Glaciar O’Higgins (CH$76,000) on the Southern Ice Shelf on the way, others go directly to Villa O’Higgins (CH$40,000) via Puert…
Bus in El Chaltén

Las Lengas

Las Lengas runs minivans at 5:30am to coastal destinations on RN 3, including Piedrabuena (six hours), from where travelers can take transportation to Parque Nacional Monte León.
Airline in El Calafate


LADE, at the bus terminal, flies a few times a week to Río Gallegos, Comodoro Rivadavia, Ushuaia, Esquel, Puerto Madryn, Buenos Aires and other smaller regional airports.
Bus in El Chaltén


Has daily departures from Rancho Grande Hostel. But the company will not take advance reservations. Service is less frequent in low season.
Bus Station in El Calafate

Bus Terminal

El Calafate’s hilltop bus terminal is on the outskirts of town. Book ahead in high season, as outbound seats can be in short supply.
Bus in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares (North)

Las Lengas

Has a minibus service to Lago del Desierto (AR$450 roundtrip, two hours), leaving El Chaltén at 8am, noon and 3pm daily.
Bus in El Chaltén


For El Calafate, Caltur makes the trip, but will not take advance reservations. Service is less frequent in low season.