Sports in El Chaltén

Fiesta Nacional de Trekking

This multiple-location event brings a circus of outdoor freaks for rock-climbing, bouldering and woodcutting competitions, as well as running and mountain-bike races.
Cultural in Trevelin


The biggest Welsh celebration of the year, this multilingual festival sees bards compete in song and poetry.
Cultural in Los Antiguos

Fiesta de la Cereza

Fiesta de la Cereza has rodeos, live music and the crowning of the national Cherry Queen during the second weekend of January. Artisan goods are sold and peñas folklóricas (Argentine folk-music concerts) at private …
Food & Drink in Cholila

Fiesta Nacional del Asado

Along with fútbol and protest, asado is a national pastime. This countrywide event draws huge crowds to grill meat and share it, with a festival of music and craft sales.
Cultural in El Calafate

Fiesta del Pueblo

On the wet heels of winter, while streets are still mired in mud, El Chaltén celebrates the town anniversary with dancing in the school gym, barbecues and live music.
Cultural in Esquel

Semana de Esquel

A week-long event that celebrates the city’s 1906 founding.
Cultural in Río Mayo

Festival Nacional de la Esquila

January’s Festival Nacional de la Esquila features merino-wool-quality competitions and guanaco shearing in preparation for the main event: the much-anticipated crowning of the national sheep-shearing queen.
Sports in Esquel

Fiesta Nacional de Esquí

Takes place at La Hoya, with snow-sports events at Cerro La Hoya, gourmet encounters and even a fashion show.
Cultural in Trevelin

Aniversario de Trevelin

Commemorates the founding of the city on March 19.