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Gay & Lesbian Travellers

In 2010 Argentina was the first country in Latin America to legalize same-sex marriage. The country has become increasingly gay-friendly over recent years. Buenos Aires is one of the world’s top gay destinations – with dedicated hotels and B&Bs, bars and nightclubs. The capital is home to South America’s largest annual gay pride parade.

Although Buenos Aires (and, to a lesser extent, Argentina’s other large cities) is becoming increasingly tolerant, most of the rest of Argentina still feels uncomfortable with homosexuality. Homophobia rarely takes the form of physical violence, however, and gay people regularly travel throughout the country to return home with nothing but praise.

When it comes to public affection, Argentine men are more physically demonstrative than their North American and European counterparts. Behaviors such as kissing on the cheek in greeting or a vigorous embrace are innocuous even to those who express unease with homosexuality. Lesbians walking hand in hand should attract little attention, since heterosexual Argentine women frequently do so, but this would be very conspicuous behavior for men. When in doubt, it’s best to be discreet.