Top Choice Italian in Esquel

Don Chiquino

Of course, pasta is no novelty in Argentina, but the owner-magician performing tricks while you wait for your meal is. The ambience is happy-cluttered and dishes such as sorrentinos with arugula prove satisfying.
Vegetarian in Esquel


Serving organic pizza, pastas, fresh lemonade and artisan beer, Quillen might be more at home in Palermo, Buenos Aires than the Andean foothills, but here it is. The light vegan and vegetarian options are a godsend …
Pub Food in Esquel


Don’t let the Irish-pub atmosphere fool you into thinking this is just another stock-standard watering hole: the restaurant serves up good set lunches, too, and a range of hearty soups, salads and sandwiches, with G…
in Esquel

Casa Grande

Dig into flavorful jabalí (wild boar), baked trout and lamb with roasted potatoes at this fine-dining spot, specializing in regional cuisine. The rambling house with burlwood chandeliers offers plenty of atmosphere.
Argentine in Esquel

La Luna

This chic rock ’n’ roll restaurant-bar offers tasty spinach pizza, vegetable crepes, and heaped portions of steak and fries. The evening crowd spills out of wooden booths and brick nooks, drinking Patagonia’s artisa…
Argentine in Esquel

La Abuela

Shoehorn yourself into this family nook decked out in lace tablecloths, and enjoy cheap gnocchi, homemade pasta and home-cooked classics like puchero (vegetable and meat stew) with a carafe of passable house wine.
Cafe in Esquel

María Castaña

A favorite at this frilly cafe is waffles with dulce de leche; it’s also good for breakfast, sandwiches and ice-cream sundaes. Grab an overstuffed chair at the back. It also serves more substantial fare.
Cafe in Esquel

Dimitri Coffeehouse

Overboard adorable, this pastel cafe serves big salads, baked goods and sandwiches on mismatched china. There's both beer and barista drinks in a cheerful, casual atmosphere.
in Esquel


Relaxed and warm, this brick yuppie watering hole is ideal for a glass of wine or cup of joe, plus decent sandwiches, pasta and pizza.