Argentine peso (AR$)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$60

  • Dorm bed: US$15–22
  • Double room in good budget hotel: US$65
  • Cheap main dish: under US$11

Midrange: US$60–200

  • Three-star hotel room: US$75–150
  • Average main dish: US$10–16
  • Four-hour bus ticket: US$30

Top End: More than US$200

  • Five-star hotel room: US$165+
  • Fine main dish: over US$17
  • Taxi trip across town: US$12


Unlike many other South American countries, bargaining is generally not the norm in Argentina.


El Chaltén has been slow to catch up to modern times but now boasts two Link ATMs (as well as cell-phone service and slow internet).

ATMs & Credit Cards

Those coming from El Calafate should bring extra cash in case ATMs are out of money or service.

Banco de Santa Cruz has a LINK-access ATM in the bus terminal. There's another one outside the terminal.

New regulations require lodgings and restaurants to accept credit cards, but it may take some time for local businesses to implement them. There's one gas station at the entrance to town that accepts cash only. Euros and US dollars are widely accepted.