Top Choice Museum in Corrientes

Museo de Artesanías Tradicionales Folclóricas

This intriguing museum in a converted colonial house has small displays of fine traditional artesanía (handicrafts) plus a good shop, but the highlight is watching students being taught to work leather, silver, bone…
Museum in Corrientes

Museo de Bellas Artes

This museum is as interesting for the old house it occupies as for the artworks. The two front rooms have an eclectic permanent collection; the temporary exhibitions by young local artists tend to be avant-garde.
Museum in Corrientes

Museo Histórico de Corrientes

This museum is set around an attractive patio and exhibits weapons, antique furniture, coins, and items dealing with religious and civil history. It’s a little bit higgledy-piggledy, but staff are proud of the exhib…
Theater in Corrientes

Teatro Juan de Vera

A striking Belle Époque building; ask at the ticket office if you can have a peek inside to see the beautiful treble-galleried theater and its painted ceiling. The cupola retracts when management fancies a starlit p…
Monastery in Corrientes

Convento de San Francisco

This colonial monastery dates from the city’s founding, and has a small colonnade modeled on Bernini’s at St Peter’s in Rome. It's been rather nicely restored but only opens for mass.
Cathedral in Corrientes

Catedral Metropolitana

This 19th-century cathedral is a landmark on the main plaza, boasting a Greek temple-like columned portico.