Downtown Córdoba is a treasure trove of colonial buildings and other historical monuments.

Nueva Córdoba & Güemes

Before the northwestern neighborhoods of Chateau Carreras and Cerro de las Rosas lured the city’s elite to their peaceful hillsides, Nueva Córdoba to the south of Centro was the realm of the cordobés aristocracy. It’s now popular with students, which explains the proliferation of brick high-rise apartment buildings. Still, a stroll past the stately old residences that line the wide Av H Yrigoyen reveals the area’s aristocratic past.

Once a strictly working-class neighborhood, Güemes to the southwest of Centro is now known for the hopping bar scene, eclectic antique stores and artisan shops that line the main drag of Belgrano, between Rodríguez and Laprida. Its weekend Feria Artesanal Paseo de las Artes, one of the country’s best, teems with antique vendors, arts and crafts and a healthy dose of Córdoba’s hippies. It’s within the same block as the Museo Iberoamericano de Artesanías, which houses beautiful crafts from throughout South America. A good route back to the city center is along La Cañada, an acacia-lined stone canal with arched bridges.