Top Choice Notable Building in Córdoba

Manzana Jesuítica

Córdoba’s beautiful Manzana Jesuítica (Jesuit Block), like that in Buenos Aires, is also known as the Manzana de las Luces (Block of Enlightenment), and was initially associated with the influential Jesuit order. Th…
Top Choice Gallery in Córdoba

Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes Emilio Caraffa

One of the city’s best contemporary art museums stands ostentatiously on the eastern side of Plaza España. Architect Juan Kronfuss designed the neoclassical building as a museum and it was inaugurated in 1916. Exhib…
Top Choice Gallery in Córdoba

Museo Superior de Bellas Artes Evita

The Palacio Ferrerya – Nueva Córdoba’s landmark building – was built in 1914 and designed by Ernest Sanson in the Louis XVI style. The building itself is amazing, and has recently been converted into this fine-arts …
Top Choice Gallery in Córdoba

Paseo del Buen Pastor

This cultural center and performance space was built in 1901 as a combined chapel, monastery and women’s prison. In mid-2007 it was re-inaugurated to showcase work by Córdoba’s young and emerging artists. There are …
Museum in Córdoba

Cripta Jesuítica

Built at the beginning of the 18th century by the Jesuits, the Cripta Jesuítica was originally designed as a novitiate and later converted to a crypt and crematorium. Abandoned after the Jesuit expulsion, it was dem…
Church in Córdoba

Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús

Designed by the Flemish Padre Philippe Lemaire, this church dates from 1645 but was not completed until 1671, with the successful execution of Lemaire’s plan for a cedar roof in the form of an inverted ship’s hull. …
in Córdoba

Museo de Arte Religioso Juan de Tejeda

The Museo de Arte Religioso Juan de Tejeda exhibits religious artifacts, as well as paintings by cordobés masters.
Museum in Córdoba

Museo de la Ciudad

The restored Cabildo (colonial town-council building), completed in 1785, contains three interior patios, as well as basement cells. All are open to the public as part of the Museo de la Ciudad.
Museum in Córdoba

Museo Histórico de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

In 1613 Fray Fernando de Trejo y Sanabria founded the Seminario Convictorio de San Javier, which, after being elevated to university status in 1622, became the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. The university is the …
Museum in Córdoba

Museo Histórico Provincial Marqués de Sobremonte

It’s worth dropping into this museum, one of the most important historical museums in the country, if only to see the colonial house it occupies: an 18th-century home that once belonged to Rafael Núñez, the colonial…