Train Station in Córdoba

Estación Ferrocarril Mitre

Trains leave Córdoba’s Estación Ferrocarril Mitre for Rosario (AR$90/110 in primera/Pullman class, 12 hours) and Buenos Aires’ Retiro station (AR$300/360/525 in primera/Pullman/camarote, 20 hours) at 10:43am on Thur…
Bus Station in Merlo

Old Bus Terminal

Local buses leave from the old bus terminal in the center of town. There are departures for the Mirador del Sol (40 minutes), Piedra Blanca (20 minutes), Bajo de Veliz (one hour), Papagayos (one hour) and the nearby…
Bus Station in Córdoba

Mercado Sud Minibus Terminal

Frequent minibuses leave from Mercado Sud minibus terminal. Some of these go direct, while others stop at every little town along the way. It’s worth asking, as this can make an hour's difference to your travel time…
Airline in Córdoba

Aerolíneas Argentinas

Aerolíneas Argentinas/Austral has offices downtown and flies several times daily to Buenos Aires, Salta and Puerto Iguazú; there is also one daily flight to Neuquén.
Bus in Córdoba


Bus company with a daily service that goes near to Los Gigantes.
Train Station in Córdoba

Estación Rodriguez del Busto

Estación Rodriguez del Busto is on the northwest outskirts of town; it serves a range of small towns, including Cosquín.
Airline in Córdoba

Andes Líneas Aéreas

Reliable airline with cheap flights to Buenos Aires, Puerto Madryn, Bariloche and other destinations in Argentina.
Bus Station in Merlo

New Bus Terminal

Long-distance buses leave from the new bus terminal, about eight blocks south of the town center.
Bus Station in Córdoba

Bus Terminal

Córdoba’s bus terminal is about a 15-minute walk from downtown.
Airport in San Luis

San Luis Airport

The airport is 3km northwest of the center.