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Top Choice Palace in Concepción del Uruguay

Palacio San José

Topped by twin towers and surrounded by elegant gardens, Justo José de Urquiza’s ostentatious pink palace is 33km west of Concepción. Set around an arched patio, with a walled garden out back, it was built partly to…
Cafe in Concepción del Uruguay

Bella Vista

A bright and inviting cafe on the plaza serving good-quality meals including breakfasts, filling brunch and an excellent-value daily special. Also has a full range of beverages, delicious desserts and great tunes.
Argentine in Concepción del Uruguay

Danube Azul

An unpretentious local restaurant on a corner of the park, Danube Azul is popular for its generous portions of local dishes. It's not fancy but it's clean and tasty; you won't find a better deal in town.
Argentine in Concepción del Uruguay

El Conventillo de Baco

This handsome and totally recommendable spot has both indoor and outdoor dining in an attractive patio space and specializes in well-prepared river fish and seafood. Good value.
Cafe in Concepción del Uruguay

La Ris

One of Concepción's classic cafes, Ris is on the corner of the plaza and is a good spot to sit and watch the movement in town. It's a fairly minimalist place with black-and-white decor and massive windows but the am…