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Getting There & Away

Transport options change regularly: check at Mercedes bus terminal tourist information.

The road from Mercedes to Colonia Pellegrini (120km) is driveable in a normal car except after rain.

Cruce del Norte runs one rickety bus a day between Pellegrini and Mercedes (AR$190, three hours). It leaves Pellegrini at 4am and returns from the terminal in Mercedes at 12:30pm. There's no terminal in Pellegrini – just tell the driver where you're staying and he'll drop you at the door. Heading back you'll need to arrange a pick-up in advance.

More expensive than the bus are the scheduled minibus/van services.

Chartered transfers in 4WD pickups between the towns cost around AR$2000 from Mercedes for up to four people. If it hasn't been raining, you could also get a remise.

The road from Posadas is worse (take the turning between Gobernador Virasoro and Santo Tomé in a normal car). It's sometimes difficult to find a driver willing to take the trip. If you find one, expect to pay at least AR$3000 for a charter to Posadas, or AR$2500 to Gobernador Virasoro, from where frequent buses travel the 80km on to Posadas.

There’s no gas station in Pellegrini; the closest are in Mercedes and the main road junction near Santo Tomé. Fill up before you head in. A couple of places in Pellegrini can sell you gas and diesel if necessary.

Be aware that car-rental companies may refuse you service if you mention that the Iberá is one of your destinations.

Daniel Ortiz Runs daily from Mercedes (AR$300) at 7:30am to 8:30am, stopping outside the bus terminal but also doing hotel pick-ups. Returns from Pellegrini at around 3pm. Price a little variable.

Iberá Bus Leaves from the market on Pujol between Gómez and Alvear in Mercedes at midday to 12:30pm Monday to Friday and 9:30am Saturdays; the trip costs AR$300. Returns from Pellegrini 4am Monday to Saturday.

Martín Sandoval Reliable for private vehicle transfers to Mercedes and Posadas if road conditions permit.

Maxi Ojeda Based in Pellegrini; runs private vehicle transfers to Mercedes and Posadas if the road conditions permit.